We know how to transform local energy resources into regional development We are committed to protect the land and the environment which has been entrusted to us We understand how public private partnerships work towards common goals We build networks and reach remote communities to service their electricity needs
  • The Kihansi extention project has started in 2015. Milestones to date: Route of the power line determined,  EIA certificate obtained, compensation process under way, procurement about to start. We recently connected an orphanage as well as a commercial farm in close proximity to our existing network.

  • In 2013 UNFCCC has registered the Mwenga Project as the first CDM Project in Tanzania. Mwenga has recently completed it’s first CER validation, after which 10,209 CERs have been issued to the project. The project is continuing to gererate CERs, and currently undergoing its 2nd and 3rd round of validation.

  • RVE is costantly expanding it’s project pipeline, with its current focus on Southern Tanzania. Over the next years RVE plans to implement generation and distribution infrastructure, with accumulated 140 MW of generation capacity and connected rural networks, to potentially supply 5.600 additional rural customers.

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