Rift Valley Energy at a Glance

Rift Valley Energy Ltd. (RVE) is a renewable-energy infrastructure development company, dedicated to develop, own and operate renewable energy projects in Eastern and Southern Africa. RVE is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rift Valley Corporation, a Zimbabwean headquartered, Sub-Saharan agriculture enterprise with activities in tobacco, timber and agricultural trading.
To date, RVE has made significant progress, establishing 1) a total of 4.6 MW of generation capacity in Zimbabwe and Tanzania, and 2) building a wide ranging rural distribution network in the Mwenga and Kihansi area, servicing a Distribution License area of about 1,000 km2, comprising a population of over 60,000 people and over 13,000 households.

In Tanzania, RVE is currently working on an ambitious project pipeline, including hydro and wind generation as well as rural distribution projects – all at different stages of development. In the Southern Highlands alone, RVE is planning to invest in three hydros, and one wind project, with an accumulated generation capacity of 12 MW and  the potential to supply a total of 6,000 rural households with green, grid quality electricity through connected rural distribution networks. To be able to best serve its growing rural customer base, RVE has established its own rural distribution company, Mwenga Power Services Ltd. (MPS). MPS buys electricity from RVE generation units, and onwards sells the electricity under its own brand (Mwenga Power) to its rural customers.

Fully committed to its developmental impact in then region RVE teamed up with a UK based NGO (Energy 4 Impact) and is currently rolling out a three year “Productive Use of Electricity Programme”.

Through this programme, local small businesses will receive assistance to overcome the technical and financial hurdles (e.g. access to appliance finance), which they often face when investing in commercial electrical appliances, that potentially can help them to a) generate a better income for their families and b) save the environment through the use of a clean and sustainable energy source (green electricity instead of fossil fuels).


RVE projects:

  • Are designed as profitable and therefore sustainable business models preferably with majority RVE shareholding.
  • Strictly focus on local, renewable energy resources
  • Develop grid connected or island mode energy solutions, involving state of the art electricity vending technologies (i.e. cellular based vending systems for remote rural customers)
  • Integrate regional and local energy infrastructure development initiatives
  • Work together with local communities to best service their expectations and needs
  • Actively assist in developing local institutional frameworks to best integrate IPPs into national energy policies.


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RVE Team

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RVE Board

Thomas Hoegh
Chairman of the Board, Rift Valley Corporation

Mike Gratwicke
Head of Energy Platform, Rift Valley Corporation
Technical Director, Rift Valley Energy

Franz Kottulinsky
Director, Corporate and Strategic Affairs, Rift Valley Energy

Paul West
CFO, Rift Valley Corporation

Carlo Ravizza
Vice President, Hoegh Capital Partners

Ruvimbo Chipango
Financial Director, Northern Tobacco