Rift Valley Energy Ltd.

Rift Valley Energy at a Glance

Rift Valley Energy Ltd. (RVE) is a renewable-energy project development company, created in 2009 to develop, own and operate renewable energy infrastructure projects in Eastern and Southern Africa. RVE is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rift Valley Corporation, a Zimbabwean headquartered, Sub-Saharan agriculture enterprise with activities in tobacco, tea, timber, bananas and agricultural trading.

Over the past years, RVE has made significant progress, establishing 1) a total of 4.6 MW of generation capacity in Zimbabwe and Tanzania, and 2) building a rural distribution network, servicing a concession area comprising a population of over 60,000 people, containing over 13,000 households and devloping a project pipline.

In Tanznia alone, RVE is planning to invest further into renewable energy generation and distribution projets, with accumulated 140 MW of generation capacity and connected rural distribition networks, with the potential to supply additional 5.600 rural housholds with green, grid quality electricity.



RVE projects:

  • Are designed as profitable and therefore sustainable business models with majority RVE shareholding
  • Strictly focus on local, renewable energy resources, respecting and preserving their local environment
  • Develop grid connected or island mode energy solutions, involving state of the art electricity vending technologies (i.e. cellular based vending systems for remote rural customers)
  • Integrate regional and local energy infrastructure development initiatives
  • Work together with local communities to best service their expectations and needs
  • Actively assist in developing local institutional frameworks to best integrate IPPS into national energy policies.

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