Luisenga 2.5 MW Hydro Project

Project Developer: Mwenga Hydro Ltd.

Project Partners: The project will be wholly developed by RVE

Project Status: Under Development

The Luisenga 2.5 MW Hydro Power Project is located in the Mufindi District (Southern Tanzanian Highlands), an area in which economy is dominated by agricultural activities, industrial and smallholder tea farming, small timber plantations, plus various subsistence farming activities.

The hydro site utilises the large drop in altitude of the Mufindi escarpment, where the 430m head site will generate 2.5MW of green power. The Project is expected to supply approximately 12.2 GWh of energy annually to supply variety of customers, including a fast developing SME and industrial sector in the project region as well as a constantly growing number of rural households that are supplied via RVE’s rural distribution unit (Mwenga Power Services Ltd).