Rift Valley Energy Project Pipeline

RVE aims to become the best in class integrated electricity player in the Southern Tanzanian Highlands market, where the company has operated and established its brand for several years.

RVE’s strategy is focused on 2 key pillars:

  1.  Generation: RVE will continue investing in new projects by adding further renewable power generation capacity, as well as further expanding generation capacity installed at existing projects.
  2. Distribution: RVE aims to drive value of existing assets, by expanding the number and the profitability of customers, with a list of initiatives including a fully integrated service (potentially also providing infrastructure), that will allow faster expansion, greater densification, higher consumption and stronger retention.

RVE Mid Term Project Pipeline:


  • Develop additional 1.6 MW of wind capacity (and take the overall wind capacity to a total of 4 MW)
  • Build a storage dam at the current Mwenga Hydro project, to act as day time battery in anticipated future hybrid arrangement
  • Develop Luponde (Igola site) storage dam, to act as day time battery for anticipated future peak load management
  • Develop additional Roof-top Solar Capacity (typically fitment on larger buildings to achieve generation type diversification)


  • Continue to connecting irrigation points (of the local tea industry) as well as local SMEs and saw milling businesses to our networks (in both the Mwenga and Luponde projects areas)
  • Continue to increase domestic customer connections and consumption in our current networks (network densisfication)
  • Continue to sitmulate electricity consumption trough the roll out of our Productive Use of Electricity (PUE) and direct Marketing Programs
  •  Acquire /manage further networks in our areas of operation.