Rift Valley Corporation

Rift Valley Corporation at a Glance

Rift Valley Corporation (RVC), the parent company of Rift Valley Energy, is one of the leading agricultural investors in South-Eastern Africa, operating in Zimbabwe and Tanzania (www.riftvalley.com).

RVC has a long history of operating in Sub-Saharan Africa, with some of the group’s individual businesses being in operation since the early 20th century. From its inception, RVC has focused on six objectives:

1. Building sustainable, long-term businesses in agriculture and energy
2. Advancing low operating costs
3. Ensuring positive cash flows across the Group
4. Acquiring and developing land with a clear sustainability mandate
5. Nurturing and expanding a cadre of outstanding operating managers
6. Maintaining a positive impact on communities in the areas of our business operations

RVC was established in 2012 when the Höegh and von Pezold families merged their families’ agricultural interests in Sub-Saharan Africa with a view to capitalising on the increased scale and financial prowess of an integrated group.

The Höegh family first became involved with one of the Group companies approximately 15 years ago when one of the family’s investment vehicles acquired a stake in African Plantations Corporation, which at that time farmed and exported tea and coffee. Over the next 15 years the business went through several periods of expansion, and investment reorientation, as a result of which the Höegh family have become the Group’s controlling shareholder.