Rift Valley Corporation

Rift Valley Corporation at a Glance

Rift Valley Corporation (RVC), the parent company of Rift Valley Energy, is one of the leading agricultural investors in South-Eastern Africa, operating in Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Tanzania (www.riftvalley.com). The business is managed under six platforms:

1) Tobacco: The Group is Zimbabwe’s largest tobacco producer and processor by an exclusive arrangement with BAT as well as having a controlling stake in the largest tobacco production facility in the country.

2) Forestry: The Group owns two businesses in forestry, one in Zimbabwe, which is an established forestry business with 20,000ha planted and 50,000ha available, and a second in Mozambique, a green field project with 210,000ha available and 9,000ha planted,

3) Agricultural & Trading: The Group has two contract farming business both recently started, one in Zimbabwe and the other in Mozambique.  This platform also has some 30,000 ha of small scale farming operations producing coffee, macadamia nuts, avocados, bananas, market gardening, maize, beans, and coconut oil,

4) Bananas: The Group has completed half of a large-scale banana project in Mozambique where it will invest approximately $100 million in the farm to produce 10 million boxes of bananas per year (125-150 containers a week) exporting into Japan, Europe, and the Middle East.

5) Energy

Pictures of selected RVC operations